How to Win the Journey Economy

Breaking down silos, transforming culture, quantifying CX and optimizing results with a journey model

A White-paper by Hank Brigman and Service Journey Strategies

align critical cx activities IT and data flow

There is no escaping the drumbeat to transform.

Based on a holistic view of common customer experience challenges facing organizations, there exists a unique opportunity to take needed and bold steps to transform the aspects of business that need to transform in order to:

  • Address siloed activities – how to improve alignment, integration, culture and results for customers, employees and the bottom line
  • Meet recent tectonic shifts in both customer engagement and the business environment – how to leverage these shifts to improve market position
  • Incorporate advanced capabilities of emerging technologies – how to generate the timely actionable intel needed for the real-time personalized and relevant touchpoints that improve service journey results

Find out why these tectonic shifts and achievable new capabilities have created the “journey economy” and what you need to do to win in this new economy.

“Winners in this economy will break down silo perspectives by aligning responsibilities, accountability, technology, data flow and metrics to a journey perspective.”

-Hank Brigman | SVP/Practice Lead, Service Journey Strategies

Some Key Takeaways

Read How to Win the Journey Economy to understand how layering a journey model over your departmental structure achieves the strategic goals of:

  • Breaking down silos 
  • Transforming to a more customer-centric culture 
  • Improving the ability to quantify CX and its ROI 
  • Optimizing results for customers, employees and the business

And how a journey model improves the integration of the critical CX activities, technology, data flow and tactics that increase: 

  • Speed-to-market 
  • Conversions 
  • Real-time personalization 
Agile Results-First

A how-to guide with clear direction of where your organization needs to start.

More than concepts, How to Win the Journey Economy shares a CX Transformation Maturity Model that helps organizations see where they are and the stages to achieve to improve CX maturity and results.

Addressing a foundational conflict to customer-centricity and optimizing CX

Finally, a more holistic approach to CX that addresses the foundational conflict of vertically focused departments/siloes with customer service journeys that traverse horizontally across those vertical silos.

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